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What Mohamed Salah Did After He Scored Penalty

What Mohamed Salah did after he scored penalty against Tottenham Hotspurs in d European League Championship Final, Madrid, Spain.

This is da’wah in its simplest form but yet most ‘moving’ n effective.

u don’t hv to b preachy from d pulpit to reach out to people, but ur actions speak a million times louder.

Mohamed (Mo) Salah, in his brief moments of sujud syukur, surely hits d chords of d hearts of d thousands adoring fans in d stadium last night.
And millions more watching …

In d early days of Islam, d
Sahabah was urged to ‘win peoples heart before u rule over them’ in their quest to spread d message of Islam.
With refine character, respectful, courtesy n humility.

Truly admire d oppprtunity Mo Salah was presented, n he seized it effectively, Alhamdulillah.

Allahu Akbar.

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